Wednesday, May 30, 2007

time capsule for photographer idiots...

i wouldn't recommend that you do this, but admittedly, it was very fun and rewarding.
how to make a time capsule for photographers...
shoot some personal work and let it sit on your shelf for 5 years. have it processed and see what you remember and what surprises you.
i didn't intentionally plan things this way, i guess i was just unmotivated to process my exposed film, and 5 years later while cleaning out the office i stumbled upon these rolls. curiosity got the best of me, i threw my rolls to the lab and these are the results of what i found. quite a personal treat.
(see fine art postings: lake powell 2002, arches national park 2002, san diego 2003, san diego zoo 2003)

lake powell 2002

i was blown away when i saw these images. i remember taking them, but i don't remember the sky that dramatic. quite exciting. the wild west at it's best. i am very fortunate to have such an amazing landscape in my backyard (almost, only 5-6 hour drive).

arches national park 2002

parade of elephants, balanced rock

san diego 2003

balboa park and old town vendor details

my wife with alanna, san diego 2003

what a jewel

san diego zoo 2003

i love the first duck image, it reminds me of Keith Carter for some reason.
the last image is an example of my 2nd grade humor that never left me...hippo poo.