Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the matich all their glory.

what a fun and cool family to be honored to work with. i shot amber and chris' wedding over a year ago (remember the iconic umbrella shot?) and they keep coming back for new and exciting adventures. this round pabst blue ribbon was the guest of honor, along with some really scary daisy dukes and beer drinking utah?
props were inspired and provided by the matich family.
if you're in the mood for a creative, conceptual, and personal family portrait - i would absolutely LOVE to work with you.
drop me a line or give me a call to make it happen.

and now for the classy "traditional"...

thanks again matich family!!

meg and matthew (but never megan and matt)


"narcissism describes the trait of excessive self-love based on self-image or ego, as well as lack of empathy for others."
...i confess, my ego, my self-image, and my lack of empathy for others - found it's way into this image.

alex and leon's bridal/groomals

without question this is one of the coolest dresses i have ever seen and photographed.
i hardly ever tweak things in photoshop, (consider myself a old school photo purist), but photography and creating art is all about expressing your vision and conveying a certain mood...therefore i felt these images needed a more gothic feel. other images i desaturated to produce a more porcelain quality...must say, photoshop served well.

homage to mary ellen mark

click here to learn more about Mary Ellen Mark's iconic twins work.

the rich family engagements

sweet sweet family a pleasure to work with...