Friday, November 23, 2007

livin the phattie life

to explain...i typically don't just jump out and call my clients "phattie". but to brittney (bride) and the rest of the world, dennis is now only known as phattie. people are going to think i am terribly rude walking around the Salt Lake LDS temple and identifying the groom as phattie, but i'll have a clear conscience...
what do drums and a gorgeous bride and the name phattie have to do with each other? - livin the phattie life!
other than getting married, he manufactures custom made drums.
this particular drum kit is known as their "wedding kit". (it's going to serve as a place to display their wedding cakes.) they like to show off each of their different kits in unique settings...hence the solo wedding kit in the barren great salt lake photo.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

wet weddings

question: so what if it's really BAD weather on my wedding day?
answer: you get really GOOD photography.
(all of these weddings were shot in 2007 )