Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ava Miriym Todd

june 20th 2007
7lbs. 2 oz.

birth story of Ava, our lil' hummingbird

what a journey we have traveled...In the first week of Oct. 2004 our lives changed forever. My wife had gone to a primary care physician complaining of pressure on the chest, and a week later she underwent open heart surgery. we were caught in a medical and emotional whirlwind, it is sufficent to say nobody was prepared for this. During this week of major medical and life changing decisions, she was given the choice of what type of valve (tissue or mechanical) she would have to replace her aortic valve. 2 options. 1) mechanical - this valve we were told it would out live her, but she would need to take blood thinner meds and therefore could no longer have anymore children. 2) porcine valve (pig) - this valve we were told is similar to human flesh and therefore no blood thinner meds would be necessary, having children or another child is an option. HOWEVER, the valve would need to be replaced at some point, (another open heart surgery) and it's only a matter of time.
without hesitation, my wife knew the decision to be made...and porcine it was.

we are looking at truly a miracle. the birth of our daughter ava.
ava is a testament of my wife's faith, inspiration, courage and sacrifice and god's greatest blessing that he can grant to mankind.

mom and babe are doing great.
her sister alanna, has become ava's second mommy.
and i...i among men am most richly blessed.