Friday, January 25, 2008

fun fun

so we're in this grimy alley shooting away, and we hear a voice approaching, so we pause to see who is coming and a man talking on a cell phone pokes his head around the corner and politely smiles and says "oh..i was going to use the restroom...sorry" (if that wasn't enough) Jessica quickly responds with a sweet feminine ring "wrong alley". it was so if this is a normal daily occurrence.
to add, while we were shooting, we stumbled upon a pair of sweats that were laid out on the frozen ground, just sitting there as though a man laid down and dissolved into the concrete leaving only this pair of sweats to remain.
question is, why are there sweats on the ground in this matter? was it so apparently hot that a man said to himself " i am getting hot, these sweats are making me sweat. i must take these off and lay them out to cool off." and then contently walked away, humored and pantless.
(i'm in one of those moods)

anyways...we had fun. what a great shoot.

la tigra!

silly fun. but would you expect anything less?

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