Tuesday, June 19, 2007

a nice random email

So, here I was, just checkin’ around the web to see what was new with people and I go to your site and blog. I started about 8:20 and here it is 8:40. 20 freakin’ minutes just going through your work. I know I’ve worked with some of it, but the stuff on the blog I hadn’t seen before really blew me away. You definitely have a gift.
Not many people get props anymore, but you my friend, definitely deserve them. Keep up the awesome work. Your vision helps us others to see the world a lot differently! As an artist to another...Wow!

(this was a nice random email i received from my web designer Jake. as he is throwing props my way, i figured i'd throw them back.
if you like my official website, it's compliments of his hard work.)
check him out: http://www.weiermandesign.com

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