Wednesday, August 22, 2007


i feel silly doing this, but i figured learning something knew about me might be fun.
you see, i was "tagged" by someone else and in this game i am supposed to post different things about me that are interesting.
so here ya go...

1) i have a birthmark shaped like a rubber ducky on my forearm.

2) i am an only child. (my parents took in my cousin who lived with us for 8 years, i was two when he came into our parents split up, and so did the foursome family...and then my dad later remarried and i had two step-sisters....and then that ended...) everybody's got their story.
i figured starting my own family would be the best stability in a long time....and i couldn't be more happy.

3) i still like 2nd grade potty humor.

4) i am OCD about how a note on a post-it needs to appear.

5) my wife had open heart surgery at the age of 26. we had an 11 month old baby at the time. this all happened within a weeks time. (aortic valve replacement.) learn more of the story see my fine art section on the blog, title "birth story of ava.."

6) my mother passed away when i was 16. we later honored her by naming our first daughter after her, Alanna.

7) we named our wiener dog "faith" after our first wiener dog, belle, at 2 years old became paralyzed in a matter of 3 days because of a bad spine....we had "faith" that neither we, nor the second wiener dog, would have to experience such pain again. i ended up photographing the last days of my dogs life and it was by far the most emtional and stirring documentary i have ever done. (perhaps i'll have to post more about this at some time).

8) i want to go helli-snowboarding some day.

9) i am addicted to miami and la ink. (nope, no tattoos) i find it fascinating to watch. to hear what motivates someone to get a tattoo, the story behind it, and what they choose as a permanent visual symbol to put on their body. and then to see how well the tattoo artist can interpret and execute their ideas. sometimes it's a flop, and other times it is absolutely beautiful.

10)'bout a joke?
why is 6 afraid of 7?...because 7,8,9!

and there you have it! everyone that i'd tag has already been tagged.
stuck in the mud.
i'm done.


Davina said...

Duston, what an interesting life you've had. Your wife sounds incredible and you sound so observant. So glad I tagged you just for the simple fact that I got to know some wonderful things about you that make me wish I knew you better. It's no wonder your photographs are so have had an intense life and your view on it has power.

duston todd said...

thanks davina....hope that wasn't too dramatic of a posting...but afterall, it was your fault, you tagged me!

Davina said...

Not to dramatic...I love your post!

Melody said...

I'm coming over to see that rubber ducky!