Tuesday, October 9, 2007

mr and mrs burgamy: rose sachs garden


CalebPhotographer said...

A bit late for this... But to post music, you can use an embed player. You need the URL of the link, which if you have the actual song file, you can upload it to a website such as fileden.com (a lot of pop-ups, beware)


Follow that link for an explenation on embed codes. If you're on OSX, like me, it probably won't work for you.

(I found your blog through Hillary Fair) Nice work you're doing here. I used to have Nikon N2000, but the lenses I had contained radioactive (yellow) glass, so none of my pictures came out that sharp/color balanced. Now I'm using a digital, and it's extremely hectic to try and learn about all of the different settings. o_o

Anyways, hope this helps. =)

- Caleb

CalebPhotographer said...

If you are in fact on OSX and the link won't work, just triple click it, and -C and -V it into your web address bar, and it should work. Sorry for not clarifying. =)

CalebPhotographer said...

(That's command C and command V. Blogger didn't accept my font.)

Colby D said...

If I can ever find a girl to marry I think you may be hired. Love your work duston

merilee said...

And if I can ever find a guy to marry I think you may be hired as well... ;) Your photography is beautiful