Saturday, November 3, 2007

the titanic sunk...

while visiting family over in Denver, my cousin asked me to take a picture of the titanic...michelle, here's your picture. :)
"titanic: the artifact exhibition" is currently running at Denver's museum of nature and science. (
what a "chilling" time in history and what a neat exhibit. before you enter the exhibit, they issue you a boarding pass, on it is listed one of the actual passengers of the titanic, and you get to pretend you are that exact passenger who boarded the ship. i was "major Archibald Butt"...very fitting for me. at the end of the exhibit you get to see whether or not you lived, or went down with the ship...i'm afraid to say that though i was a Major Butt and a right hand man to President Taft's military aide and paid my $4500 for a first class ticket...well, i was a gentleman and called it a night early.
to learn more about Major Butt:

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Kim said...

I am laughing...only because you were so friggin' hilarious. But seriously, I remember when that same show came to SL, we went, it was a really neat, neat experience. I took my little sisters and they cried because I think one of them died and the other didn't...really deep stuff. Anyway, love the photos, so cool.