Saturday, January 12, 2008

oh happy day!

after the christmas rush frazzled my brain a bit, my wife politely directed me to the mountains by saying "you need to go snowboarding." i didn't need much motivation to follow her advice.
this was a first time up this year to Solitude. we have been getting dumped on repeatedly this year and the snow on the mountainside shows it. i had never taken a camera up with me and thought the holga would be perfect - cool holga photos, and a $20 plastic camera along for the ride it came.
want to hear my major hook up for the year? my buddy gave me one of his season passes to Park City (he purchased a new chevy truck and received two season passes from the dealership).
so what's the moral to the story? karma. do whats right and things will come around for you in their own way.
oh happy day!

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Kim said...

Brrr. Love the holgas. Although I almost threw up on the shot looking down. Skiing is SO not for me.