Sunday, January 13, 2008

a thirty second fancy

this is a 30" commercial that will be aired today on the BrideAccess/Utahbrides TV show. Tune in to channel 5 at 10am to have a look on the big screen (or your television set will do).
i can't figure out how to get the quality better for the web, but the commercial quality is a TON better. what does this mean? i need to stick to what i do best - shooting stills, and not fret so much about video. (and at least you get to enjoy some hip music).

If you want to see more of these engagement images at much better quality, scroll down the blog to my "just get engaged?" posting, (also found within the "ramblings" category).


Leisha said...

A commercial, how Exciting! Wishing I could go back to being engaged just for the photogs. Should have focused more on that way back when :-)

Kim said...

Totally Rawkin'. LOVE.