Wednesday, February 6, 2008


...and here's the story that goes with it.
i had already committed to allowing "Latter Day Bride" to use this featured wedding for their publication when "the Knot" later contacted me and said they'd like to use this same wedding as a featured wedding in their NATIONAL publication. UURRRRGH!
i admitted to "the Knot" that this wedding was already going to be published and so they withdrew their request. Latter Day Bride was very gracious about it and said they understood if i decided to drop them, but in doing so i knew it would leave them with a hole to fill (as it was down to the day of for final submission) and so would go my integrity.
it was a very tough decision, but my chances for good karma is worth it. what goes around comes around.

grab a copy of Latter Day Bride and check it out. pages 130-131. i was extremely impressed with the quality of this print and publication. salt lake market is on the up and up!


Mckay Fair said...

Well, I don't know why you had an issue with it dusty, but it looks absolutely amazing! Mad skills, congrats, even though you appearently didn't want it, on the publication :)


Leisha said...

Congrats on being published. I'm sure you'll have another chance on "The Knot" down the road because you are amazing!

Kim said...

LOVE. I am REALLY impressed with the latest issue of LDB. Seriously, I think it is great, and agree with you on the publication quality. Anyway, I too agree in karma...many happy happy bookings will hopefully be sent your way via LDB. Here's to the future!

And that wedding...still can't get over it. WOW!

Rebekah said...

No worries, you will definitely get some other weddings in the knot.