Wednesday, April 23, 2008

jill's bridals

so jill asks me, "duston, i love your car, do you mind if i get some pictures by it?!"...right.

the real story is that her beloved Colin loves cars just about as much as he loves her. (and with the name Colin he deserves to be sportin' a Ferrari in his lifetime, it only fits the prestige.) of course with that request i was in, she rounded up the car (a very kind local dealer) and we had a fabulous shoot in and outside the Grand America, car, curtain, and all.


Evelyn Eslava Photography said...

the 1st one!.. Gorgeous!

Leisha said...

You crack me up about the car. I love that you borrowed it for a shoot. :-)

Jen said...

Wow- Amazing!! I hope to be half as good as you someday!!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. My parents sold the house in 2006. My dad took a few pictures of the house before they moved. I'll have to see if I can scan them in and send them to you. I lived there from the time I was 11 until I moved out at 19. I have such great memories of that place. It will always be my childhood home too. I always wondered who Alanna was. I always felt it was someone special. Im glad to know who it was after all these years.

Right now- there are renters in the house- but I ran into Carol (your aunt?) yesterday and she said that they will be out by tomorrow- I think. Im sure you could go out there and check it out since it will be vacant.

Isnt it interesting what a small world it can be? Take care and keep in touch.


Megan Bailey - Pink Piggy said...

Amazing shots! Jill is so beautiful! Great job!

Alisha said...

Beautiful bride. ROCKIN car!! How fun!!!!