Friday, May 16, 2008

she's gone

(one of my all-time favorite portraits of my daughter alanna)

this girl is gone. i walked passed this framed portrait we have of her sitting in our home and it broke my heart...this girl is gone, and never to return.
she is four years old now and growing every day. it pains me to think how incredibly short life is, and how fast we see our children grow. it feels like we're losing them, i will never see that two year old again, only in pictures does she's a weird death almost...and yet it is such a blessing to acknowledge this growth and therefore give us the opportunity to value the times and moments we have NOW with them. cherish them, for they won't be the same tomorrow.
(now stop reading and go hug your kids!)


evelyn eslava said...

this is so TRUE!

Beck said...

I so hear you on this one. Meg is getting huge! And such a mover and shaker. I miss the baby she was. but look forward to the peson she will become. How's Kate?

Kim said...

I'm not sure why...but this made me cry.

Katrina + Andrew said...

oh my gosh you're tearing me up :( we have a two year old and i know what you're talking about... he's not a little baby anymore; he talks, he runs, he's just growing and growing... i'll never get that little one year old back... the bright side is the smiles and the awesome memories you have of that chubby little baby face :)

...ok, off to cry a little and hug my boy... :P

duston todd said...

might i say, you guys and your touching comments are awesome!
big loves!!!

Leisha said...

:-( Way too true. Just the last few weeks I have realized how big my kids have gotten (they are 3 and 1 1/2). They are growing up way too fast and it's crazy to look back at pictures and realize just how big they have gotten and just how much they truly have changed. I'm going to go give them a great big hug now. :-)