Tuesday, June 24, 2008

note to self

your kids are listening.
i was singing "gouge away" by the Pixies when i woke up the other day and to satisfy what was swimming in my head i threw it on the stereo, it was a pleasant way to start the day. don't you just love that? it's like calming an itch, a refreshing jolt of needed caffeine...

but little did i know, my 4 year old would be singing "gouge away" all day long. cute little 4 year old in a minnie mouse voice "...gouge away!" i got one of those "nice, Dust" comments from my wife. (she loves me).
your kids are listening and taking notes, so be careful.

here's a link to the song if you're interested:

so, what have you been listening to lately?
for some reason i am really into muted scratchy diminished wailing guitar lately. ler lalonde during frizzle fry is a perfect example. i was a HUGE primus fan back in the day and it's been fun to step down memory lane and revisit old friends.
spegetti western is just lovely to hear.
i've also really been digging Dinosaur Jr. and the Pixies, and songs from Smashing Pumpkins like "zero", the guitar never sounded cooler, and of course good ol' Jimi...how i would've loved to see him live.


Kim said...

Nothing! I think I need to listen more to get the creative juices flowing.

lifetimepilingup said...

I can't seem to take my ears off of my old Fugazi LP's lately. I haven't listened to LP's or punk music in years and then a few days ago I got a line from one of their songs in my head and I had to rush out to listen to the album. It is such a trip down memory lane. Amazing the memories that music can evoke.

Melody said...

when i was a kid, my dad had the beatles song 'come together' on the record player. in the song, it has that 'ssssssssh' sound. well, my dad was on the phone, and me being curious, asked him what they were saying. at that particular juncture, my dad had exclaimed, 'shit!' while on the phone. i accepted that as my answer and spent the next little while singing 'shit!' along with the song until my parents realized what i was saying.