Friday, July 18, 2008


monday, july 28th 6-10pm
400 south 15 east (between state and main) downtown slc

we would love to see you all!
family and old-time pals, friends and clients, current love bunnies and art connoisseurs, my fellow blog buddies that i have yet to meet! come one come all!
(i better settle down or you'd think i'm trying to sell a white elephant like PT Barnum)

...but i am really excited if you can't tell. this studio/gallery space has been a TON of work in the making. i couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome. many thanks to my two papa's and the other helping hands that have made this such a success, i am forever grateful for your endless help and gritty support.

what's to see?
photography work of all likes...fine art, weddings, couples and family portraits, travels, all my personal insights and explorations all created from a lovely box called a camera. we will have ton of work on display on the walls and wedding albums to browse. also we have plenty of matted fine art prints and gift cards to take home!

parking...please grab the map shown above for best directions for parking. there is no curbside parking in front of the studio space so it can get tricky. just remember we are on the street level on the north side of 4th south and across the street from the Ken Garff building. you can park at the Ken Garff bulding parking terrace, you can park at any available meeters in the surrounding area, or you can jump onto the TRAX at any place in the valley and hop off a half a block away from the studio (450 s. main).

again, we welcome you to our doors. we'd love to see you!
my best!
- duston


Will & Debbie Duris said...

Thats awesome...we are going to try to make it. Congratulations on your big day...

Brandon Wilde said...

Sounds really great. You must be doing well, and that makes me happy. I would come to this thing for sure, but I am going to be in Iceland, so best regards anyway.

Kim said...

I am all sorts of over this Duston! Holla! Dude, what am I changing? I am NEVER shooting another wedding again and I am sending them all to you! LONG story, but I am going to focus on only birthstories, babies, kids and sometimes families. I found this is what I love to do so I need to stretch myself in these areas, it isn't about $$ anymore. I was losing site of what "I" wanted, not what clients wanted, etc. Now that my rant is finished, going to see this awesome new place next week. Congrats!

Oh and that shoot...dude, we'll talk next week, I would love to shadow you still!

Love to the fam!

matich & amber said...

Chris relayed the message you left...we will surely be stopping by! cheers.

ps love the invite!