Friday, September 5, 2008

the family of yesteryear

the wardrop family (my wife's brother rob)

my daughter with her cousin John Micheal

my daughter's first horse ride

alanna gone prairie girl

and so claimed best friends (they met at the camp and were apparently best friends.)

more said about the wardrop family (parents are rob and christie, and kids oldest to youngest are Chrisitian, Marcus, Celine, and John Michael)...every year they come to the rendezvous and they continue to carry the spirit of the mountain man every other day of the year, rendezvous or not. we were all quite impressed with the skill necessary and dedication it takes to live and camp in the rendezvous. everything has to be pre 1840, this means no plastic, only metal, wood, and canvas. all your clothing has to be of the period as well. it is quite a site to sit at dusk and watch the sun lower down in the sky and see the smoke of the camps travel around tipi's and lean-tos in a sea of canvas. it is so easy to get caught up in the event and imagine yourself in that time period as you watch people in proper dress walk about the grass. we had a ton of fun and owe a big thank you to rob christie and kids for their hospitality and opening our eyes to such an exciting event.
we'll be up there next year!

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