Thursday, September 11, 2008

i heart netflix

we recently decided to join the rest of america and try out netflix. can i say i just love netflix? i've known about them for years but never bothered. i was continually getting upset with the local movie stores as they never had what i wanted, and netflix filled in the gap. not to mention we live a half hours drive to any retail chain (stansbury park) and having your movies delivered to your house is about the coolest thing ever.
so here are the movies that i was never able to see (the first of the list). these are the movies that you could call my recent netflix rental history. some are phenomenal and others are just okay.
i heart netflix...keep'em coming!

so what is in your favorites of your netflix queue?

freaking weird. but what of lynch's work that isn't? it was both entertaining and bothersome to watch this. i loved the b&w with contrast, i love the moodiness, the abstract and surreal dreamlike quality throughout. one of those you hate to watch, but can't stop...freaking weird.

ennngh. okay. i've liked better work of jeunet (amelie).

wow. powerful, gritty, raw, quick, clever, and a suckerpunch of coolness. great movie (harsh and not recommended for all).

i love this movie and story. it is and always will be one of my favorites. very touching. beautifully shot and simple symbolism. love the music at the end (calling the wolves).

another ennngh. okay. fell asleep at times, but funny and quirky. i can definitely see a wes anderson inspiration (whether he has ever stated it or not).

love this movie. so real and honest. the performances by all the actors were phenomenal. i am still thinking about this movie. anyone who has experienced a death of a loved one should watch this...not because of the drama, but how true and honest it is. it is all about what we go through in the wake of a loved ones death. what we as those remain experience: happiness, sadness, silliness, heartbreak, love, superficial comforts, the irony, all of it.


Starr said...

Harold & Maude is classic, bonus Cat Stevens soundtrack too.
Umm the pricing just totally depends on size and what not. But, we can always work something out with photography swapping! BTW We may want to get some out door pics done in the fall. What is the best time (for leaves and that), price, and do you have a great place to go outdoorsy? Thanks

Kate Benson said...

WHAT???? Just an ennngh for Harold and Maude??? It IS my all time favorite movie... EVER. Watch it again, I'm laughing right now just thinking about it. It's definitely Wes Andersonish, very symmetrical cinematography wise, and one has to like that kind of humor.

duston todd said...

wow. am i the unpopular vote here or what?!
okay, maybe i should give mr. harold and maude another shot....but c'mon your favorite?!!!! ever?!!!!