Thursday, November 13, 2008


what inspires me? music. movies. books. life.
i was mailed this dvd yesterday from the lovely netflix...and within minutes of watching i had chills.
the title of the DVD is "Live at Royal Opera House". it is a recorded live performance of Bjork during her Vespertine tour.
if you're not familiar with the music or album, check it out first and let it crawl slowly into you...and then watch the performance. it is not a production or vegas show of any sorts, not many bells or whistles...and thats what i'd expect from her. but rather it is music as organic and natural as it gets... choir, full orchestra, music box, harps, crackling of snow under is beautiful to see music brought forth in the simplest of medias. (and listening to this album i thought it was heavily done with electronics...nope). what a beautiful art she creates and such an inspiration.

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Rebekah said...

Is Bjork a band?

he he he.