Wednesday, January 14, 2009

less is more

it seems i'm onto something...less is more, beauty of simplicity, rhythm, shape, balance, emphasis, texture...these are all of what our 3 dimensional world has to offer and it is my inspiration and challenge to use these visual elements and organize them to speak art, to speak from my mind and my heart. one of my favorite quotes came from one of my favorite photographers of all time "we do not take pictures with our cameras, but with our heart and minds". - Arnold Newman.
i consider myself an artist first, a believer, a lover of my craft, a voice and vision, and then a photographer.

i was again thrilled with the results of this simple set up and delivery. this was done on the fly, i had the pregnancy shoot scheduled but had not put much thought into it other than portraits and details. i had a spare seamless laying around the studio and because of the successful outcome i had with the Watts family paper punch-outs, i thought i would try it again. beauty.
it has taken a deeper metaphor that really speaks to me. birth, creation, bursting out of one realm or sphere to enter another, or as simple as the egg speaks, and it sneaks up on you without notice. sometimes you intend it, pre visualize it to death, and other times you create something not giving much thought and it takes it own form and story. this was that case, and how exciting.
if you or anyone you know is pregnant and wanting beautiful "belly portraits" PLEASE contact me. i would love to explore this theme more.


Jeff and Whitney said...

I agree with you completly. Less is so much more. I think thats why I love your work so much. You dont edit to make things different than they are, which makes them even more beautiful. Oh, and I am pregnant! Make my belly into art would ya?

Jackie said...

Hi! I noticed your studio as I was driving around, so I thought I'd check ya out. I really like what you said in this post and "your art" is very nice!

Garima Pal said...