Thursday, January 29, 2009

rainy day bridals

lately we have been getting pummeled with wet weather, so we decided to pull the shoot inside, i couldn't be more happy with the classic beauty the natural light brought through a window. i am always drawn to walls...blank walls, walls with peeling paint, walls with texture, why? i don't know. but take me to an exotic location and i end up putting my subjects next to the garage door....anywhooo.. the blank wall made ashley pop. stunning.
we moved outside as the rain let up, i loved the abstract dripping water (like dripping paint). natural elements such as this and god's handiwork of the elements come together to create fleeting moments of real living art.


Ashley Hawkes said...

Duston, what are some good winter spots in Salt Lake for Bridals/"Groomals"? I am trying to find a building with some old arcitecture. Thanks!

duston todd said...

ashley, i can't seem to access your blog to respond to your question, so i hope you can grab my response from here.
"building with old architecture" is quite a broad subject, and it just really depends on what grabs your eye. i'd recommend to spend a couple of hours on a lazy sunday and have a full tank of gas and just drive around the city. have a notepad and pen, and even a digital camera to record your findings. write down your findings and you have yourself a log of locations...thats seriously what i have done many a time. pay attention to how the light is currently playing on the location at that given time of day, and factor how the light and shadows would be at various times of day. also remember overcast vs. hardlight days more or less possibilities.
hope this info helps and happy browsing!