Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Alanna's portrait

to have a individual portrait painted of our two girls is something we have always dreamed of...the right timing and circumstances put Jesse Draper in our path.
this is the beginning stages and examples of the progression of the painting process of Alanna's portrait (my five year old daughter). i've learned from Jesse, what shows as dark and heavily red is really a base layer for a later lighter brownish-green to be added on top and therefore adding depth of layers and vibrancy. the final portrait will be a high-key portrait with a blend of realism for likeness and abstract for the gorgeous spacial qualities. i couldn't be more thrilled and i can't wait to see more!!!
in my research of studying different styles of painting and portraits i was referred to Alex Kanevsky. i sat for literally hours drooling over his work. it is so emotional and speaks to me more than other painting styles...and my wife hates it. :) i agreed with my wife that we needed a likeness of our daughters, not just a phantom as Kanevsky's look. (and i agreed with my wife, to have a portrait of my daughter i'd like to know it is my daughter AND have others recognize it as her as well.) Jesse, myself and my wife, came to this fantastic blend of styles, and from it Alanna's portrait will emerge.
if you'd like to see more examples of Jesse's stunning work, here is a link to a recent published book in which he supplied all the illustrations, The UnValentine.

thank you Jesse, a heart felt thank you.
and thank you to my wife for creating the most beautiful subject and model i have ever seen, without you and your beauty none of this would have ever been possible.
...more to come!


Rebekah said...

Oh my gosh, stunning art work! It's such a great likeness of Alanna. Beautiful! That is totally a priceless treasure.

Kim said...

Gorg...can't wait to see the finished product.