Thursday, March 26, 2009

a lot can happen in a rolls-royce

isn't this one of the sweetest series? from gazing at one another, to sharing sandwichs, to chugging water because of the NY heat, to fixing veils, to arranging plans with your brother on the mobile...and of course ending with a kiss. lovely. it just goes to show a lot can happen in a rolls-royce while fighting new york traffic for about 45 minutes.
noelle and matt were so fun and REAL and the pictures show it. personalities spilling over the brim.
...A LOT more of this event to come next week.


Jeff and Whitney said...

Oh those two are such a hoot. I hope you know they discovered your wonderful talent on my living room side table. That’s where I keep my wedding pictures. I suppose your work speaks for itself. They weren’t even engaged at the time, but called us a few months later to get your number. I’m sure they were a blast to work with.

Kim said...

These are so fun. I have never felt so awkward, when I was asked to document a wedding and they had me ride with them in a limo. Really sweet pics.

noelle regina said...

That's very true.

Sitting at Whit's table and admiring her gorgeous pictures I asked- "who was your photgrapher" and 6 months later you were booked for a mafioso wedding in New York. Only wish Jeff and Whit could have been there.

we are ordering this album SOON.
(as soon as we can get out 148 favorites down to something that will fit in an album)