Friday, April 10, 2009


today i saw a van come to a screeching halt
and milky smoke puffed through it's gills like a dragon,
as it stopped within near inches of a handicapped woman crossing the street on a scooter.
and i realized how fragile and interwoven life and time is.

yesterday i saw my daughter beaming with joy and proudly showing that her ears were pierced
as she modeled her newest fashion of "pink ice" earrings.
and with an equal joy and pang in my heart,
i see her growing older another day.

and the day before yesterday i finished a story
about a civilized nation caught in a wave of an epidemic of blindness,
this nation being pummeled and stripped to the very basic needs of life.
and they sat and wept as they drank from the finest crytal,
the very blood of life...precious water.
and i realized how blessed i am.


Emily S. said...

kate benson's bessie here--- she pointed me to your blog.

these words are beautiful, powerful, and resonate.

was the book "Blindness"? If so, WOW. What a book, eh???

duston todd said...

hey emily,
yes it was "blindess" a mean, but great and an...eye
so, what does one do to become a bessie?

One Love Photo said...

wonderful, thank you for sharing my friend!

duston todd said...

p.s. DO NOT see the movie, repeat DO NOT. one of the worst book-to-movie makes i have ever seen...

Emily S. said...

BUMMER. I have the movie on my Netflix Queue. Thanks for the tip.
And AMEN to eye-opening in regards to the book.

and to become a "bessie"? Hm. I think when you are able to drop everything and take a mutual nap in company with that friend (separate...Each on their own couch, I mean), and not feel self-conscious, that is a step towards "bessie-dom". Or when you make up silly songs and keep the other person laughing with your obnoxious uninhibitedness, thats true friendship. Ask Kate about our "Big Red Chewing Gum" song.

P.S. She says you are AWESOME. Congrats on the InStyle interview!