Saturday, May 9, 2009

happy mothers day

(photo is a still taken from my dad's 8mm film) mymomandme.

i wanted to send a heart felt "happy mothers day!" to all the mothers in the world.
you bring a grace, a warmth and comfort, and a home to the soul.
may god bless and grant you the happiness you all truly deserve.
- duston

mom. i love you.


Kate said...

Duston... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You haven't changed a bit... just look at you! I love it! Your mom is amazingly gorgeous btw.

duston todd said...

yes...and it's frightening how much my little one looks like me and how much my older one looks like her grandma...scary.

Kim said...

Such a stunning lady she was! Thanks Duston...wish your love a happy mother's day too!