Friday, November 9, 2007

alanna's princess party (and princes too)

talk about major estrogen pumping in the church primary room for my daughter's princess party! i was feeling very manly to say the least, standing in a room full of pink, watching mini-princesses twirling in their dresses, and to top it off i was carrying around our 4 month old baby in our baby carrier that holds them on your belly (simulated pregnancy for men)...but i had a blast. it was a lot of fun to see how happy alanna and her friends were. my wife went to great efforts to throw off this party and it was well noticed. happy 4th birthday princess alanna!

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JBPacker said...

Duston, you are an incredible photographer and artist. Both my husband and I think your work is incredible. You need to give me a few pointers. I just got an awesome camera and I would love to be able to capture some of the shots you've gotten of your girls. All of your photos are so fun to look at. You're awesome.