Thursday, August 21, 2008

ketchup bridals

mekensy's bridals

sara and matt's bridal and groomals

christie and rob's bridal and groomals

steph with pops (and a horse)

marque's bridals


Opie said...

Holy cow! The last image is beautiful. I love the play on the bride doing the same pose as the lady in the painting behind her.

Kim said...

LURVE...beautimous. BTW I saw your vehicle at Wheeler last night...I was there on a shoot and couldn't find you to save my life...I was going to come and shout you a holler! :( Hope all is the ketchup, the jokes and the photos. I heart your photography.

Kate Benson said...

HOW do you do it? WOW!!! The second to the last image of Sarah leaves me speechless.

duston todd said...

opie: thanks for the comment, i too was thrilled about the results of the photo-painting play. glad to see someone got it.

kim: yes i was off at wheeler, one of my fav places because of it's diversity and low maintance. i was off in the trees and had nothing to do with the barns.
thanks again for your many comments, compliments, and contiual feedback.

kate: very nice of you to say. yeah, thats one of my favs from the mix as well. sometimes the simplicity becomes the extrodinary.
so how much longer before babes?

Rebekah said...

Thanks for the ketchup! Beautiful work, and the last one is especially brilliant.