Thursday, August 21, 2008

playing with ketchup

so there's a mommy tomato, a daddy tomato, and a little baby tomato. and they all decide to go out for a walk...the baby tomato starts falling behind and so the daddy tomato gets all upset and storms back to his son and smashes him to the ground and yells KETCHUP!
cheesy i know. (and yes i got the joke from pulp fiction).

this is my time to "ketchup".
have you noticed it has been a long time since i had posted anything other than announcements and ramblings? yeah, i noticed that too. so the following posts "ketchup bridals" "ketchup engagements" "ketchup headshots" and "ketchup families" have nothing to do with tomato products and they have everything to do with me catching up with my posts on my blog.
have a looksee and enjoy!

1 comment:

Blair Van Bussel - So Cal Photographer said...

LOVE them all! But i have a soft spot for the maternity shots - and the black and white on the spinny thing - her expression is awesome. And LOVE the sky in the field shots. BEAUTIFUL!